Health Benefits

Live and Active The Yogurt Cultures

Eating yogurt every day is very healthy for your body. It’s not just a delicious snack. It’s a great way to supplement your protein, calcium and dairy intake.
So, what makes yogurt such a healthy food? – The Live and Active Cultures. Cultures are composed of unique living micro-organisms which are responsible for many of the health and nutritional benefits of yogurt. In other words, these ‘gut-friendly’ bacteria (probiotics) pass through the stomach to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. There, they help to maintain a healthy balance.

These live and active cultures are being investigated for their possible role in improving digestion and reducing the risk of intestinal infection, as well as improving the immune function and providing relief from vaginal infections.
If you are lactose intolerant, yogurt is the unique way of enjoying a dairy food. That is because the starter cultures actually produce the enzyme that is needed to break down the hard to digest carbohydrate in milk. Many people who commonly experience gas, bloating or discomfort from dairy foods, can digest yogurt more easily- thanks to these live and active cultures.

To get the most health benefit from yogurt, look for a “Live and Active Cultures” seal on the label. This indicates a live starter culture was used. Remember to store your yogurt in the refrigerator.