Yogurt The Perfect Ingredient

Whether you’re preparing breakfast, dinner or desserts, or simply baking something nice, yogurt is a handy ingredient to have in the kitchen. By incorporating yogurt deliciously into your favourite recipes you can turn your yogurt experience into something even more enjoyable. Here are some handy cooking tips.

When Baking

Yogurt makes a flavourful substitute for milk or buttermilk when making buns, muffins or pancakes. Use your favourite fruit making flavoured yogurt as topping on pancakes or waffles for that fruity surprise. Kids will love it!

Meat dishes

Yogurt will tenderize and enhance the flavour of just about any meat- beef, chicken, goat and pork when used in the marinade; adding flavour and reducing calories.

Sauces or Gravies

Yogurt can be used to thicken sauces much like heavy cream, but you will need to add some starch to keep it from curdling. Never let it boil.

For Desserts

Create delicious parfaits with layers of yogurt and fresh fruit. Flavoured yogurt can also be used to dress desserts and ice cream, just like whipped cream. Just remember when you’re cooking with yogurt, the fresher the yogurt the better the result.